The team consists of the Port Company, Local Authorities and oil importers and was initiated to form a unified coordinated response to pollution incidents on the Shannon Estuary. Each member contributed initially to provide pollution response equipment and support tools.

This equipment is available to respond to any pollution incident or threat. Members contribute annually to maintain equipment, carry out exercises and training and purchase new and replacement equipment.

SEA-PT's activities include regular co-ordination meetings, the hosting of regular simulation exercises and training courses for staff employed by member organisations. Generally speaking, simulation exercises are held in the spring time and training courses are hosted in Autumn. 

The group has been in operation for the past 10 years under a committee of pollution officers representing the members. The aim of the group is to provide a unified response to oil pollution within the region, even though each member has individual responsibility for their own area. An oil Spill Tracking Model, Geographic Information System, Environmental Atlas, Sensitivity Study, Oil Spill Response Strategy, Hydrocarbon Baseline Study and Emergency Response Plans have been developed for the region and updated.

Consortium Members include:

            • DAA

            • Clare County Council

            • Galway County Council

            • Kerry County Council

            • Limerick County Council

            • Shannon Foynes Port Co.

            • Valero

            • Rusal Aug

  • Endesa Tarbert

  • Moneypoint Estuary Fuels

  • Inver Energy

  • Limerick City Council

  • Topaz Ireland

  • NORA

  • AFSC