The Mobile and Marine Robotics Research Centre (MMRRC) in University of Limerick is a research centre focused on the development of remote vehicles and payload technologies for subsea commercial and scientific applications.

Research in the Centre began prior to 2000 on the development of control and sensor solutions for Mobile & Land based and Industrial Robotic applications. However, the focus of the group’s research activities gradually evolved from work on land based systems toward applications of sensor and robotics in the marine domain.

At present there are five academic/postdoctoral research staff and several postgraduate and graduate researchers working in the centre engaged in research in Unmanned Underwater Vehicles technology; the development of 
MMRRC logo shaddowvehicles, control systems, artificial intelligence, sonar and vision systems in vehicle control sonar simulators for training, Survey planning and support software tools, and the development and integration of remotes sensors for environmental sensing.

The group has established an international reputation through collaborative research projects and through peer-reviewed journals publications. The MMRRC have a wealth of experience in offshore operations and such as deep ocean habitat mapping and commercial geo-referenced acoustic mapping of ship wrecks etc.

The MMRRC is committed to developing skills and capacities to exploit the potential that exists in the areas of ‘climate change’, Marine Archaeology, offshore renewable energy exploitation (Hydrographic survey of potential sites & sub-sea maintenance), and in support of Offshore hydrocarbons exploitation.