Tecnalia Corporation is a Technology Corporation set up in 2001 with the principal aim of contributing towards the development of the economic and social environment by means of the use and promotion of Technological Innovation through the development and dissemination of Research in an international context.

This Strategic Alliance was prompted by the initiative of Inasmet, Labein and Robotiker who committed themselves to joining forces in the interests of increased size that would give Tecnalia higher levels of competitiveness on the market and achieve:

    • A Critical mass to enable it to compete
    • Market and Technology Specialization
    • Technological Excellence
    • Integrated and Multi-disciplinary Projects
    • A value contribution for its clients that will be reflected in their business results or in the well-being of society
    • The initiative drew other technology centres in the area and was joined by a continuous stream of new members.

The technology centres Azti, Neiker and Tecnalia Research & Innovation are now part of it.



The Corporation was born within the Basque technology ambit; it contributes to its development and is called to be a leader within it. It is proactive in the development and competitiveness of the business base, is linked to the science-technology-innovation systems of the Basque Autonomous Community, Spain and Europe and is resolutely committed to growing and positioning itself in a world ambit.

Some figures on Tecnalia Corporation 2009

    • 1.663 people on the staff
    • 29 Head Offices
    • Turnover amounting to 141.5 million euros
    • 64% of all the technology centres in the Basque Autonomous Community put together
    • 25% of all the technology centres in Spain put together
    • Participation in 47 CENIT projects (60% of the ones approved)

Tecnalia Corporation, with a revenue in excess of 141.5 million euros per year and 1,663 highly qualified professionals, generates new quality jobs; it trains and transfers technicians to companies; it gets back scientists who have emigrated and trains new generations of technologists: the bedrock and creativity on which it is building its future.