ENSTA Bretagne is a French national graduate engineering institute which offers three year engineering programmes to both civilian and military students. The courses are of high quality and are designed to ensure that students have an excellent level of expertise in their chosen field of Engineering. ENSTA Bretagne graduates are able to design, build and manage complex electronic and mechanical systems.

ENSTA Bretagne is committed to developing a strong international perspective. ENSTA Bretagne’s international strategy is to develop and maintain close ties with international, industrial and academic partners through various initiatives. These initiatives include conventions with foreign universities, involvement in European projects and participation in student exchange programmes.

ENSTA Bretagne is located in Brest a city that lies on the western-most tip of France. Brest is the European capital of marine and oceanographic research. It is also home to the Brest Iroise Technopole. This cluster brings together companies and institutions involved in activities relating to the sector of electronics, IT and telecommunications.