The Port Authority of Douro and Leixões (APDL - Administração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões, S. A.) is a state-owned public limited company, aimed at the administration of the Ports of Douro and Leixões, its economic operations, conservation and development.

The General Assembly, the Board of Directors and one Auditor make part of the public limited company.

The area under jurisdiction of the Port Authority of Douro and Leixões comprises the coastal strip of maritime public domain, from the point of Rua da Bélgica, at Praia de Lavadores, to the parallel of Boa Nova lighthouse, North of the Port of Leixões.


    • To stimulate and promote the ports’ of Douro and Leixões port activity;
    • To ensure the regular functioning of the ports of Douro and Leixões, in what concerns its economic, financial and assets fields, as well as the management of the staff and of the port operations;
    • To grant licences or concessions in areas under the port’s jurisdiction;
    • To license the port activity and yield public the concession of port services;
    • To establish and collect taxes due to port use and its respective services;
    • To supervise and control the public use of the services inherent to the port activity;
    • To expropriate, for public utility, occupation of lands, implementation of layouts and thoroughfares necessary for the ports’ expansion or development.


    • Aids to navigation;
    • Management of the berthing places;
    • Maritime traffic control;
    • Render the following services: mooring, cranage, storage, water supply, waste collection, power supply, towage and pilotage service;
    • Maintenance of the Navigation Channels;
    • Prevention and fight against maritime pollution;
    • Safety Systems;
    • Construction and maintenance of the land accessibilities to the port;