UK Spill Association

The UK Spill Association (UKSpill) represents companies, organisations and individuals working in the oil spill industry in the UK and is recognised by the UK Environmental and Maritime Regulators as the national industry body for the commercial and related interests of the industry.

UKSpill is the national body for the UK Oil Spill Industry. Its four key purposes are:

  • Establishing service benchmarks and raising industry standards principally through managing the UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme
  • Sharing information amongst its members by providing networking opportunities through regular meetings, events and seminars, held across the UK, and also in Europe
  • Building business for its members through a comprehensive online directory of members' products and services, and links to their websites
  • Promoting the industry through organizing national and international exhibitions and conferences to the industry, government, and the public through this website and through organizing national and international exhibitions and conferences

UKSpill represents its members and has a role on a variety of national bodies such as the DEFRA Hazardous Waste Forum, and the MCGA National Contingency Plan. It also shares ownership of the international Interspill conference and exhibition (a showcase for members) held every 3 years, and provides both inland and maritime national and international spill events.