The sub-Atlantic Cherokee electric ROV is a compact, high performance system which can be used for a variety of underwater tasks such as

  1. Observation
  2. Survey
  3. Pipelay Support
  4. Light to Medium Work
  5. NDT Inspections

cherokeeThe CHEROKEE uses new high powered electric A.C. thrusters. With the small projected area of the vehicle, this results in exceptional performance. The CHEROKEE can operate in high currents or speed.

Users can easily add their own equipment due to the open frame design, the abundance of space, and the generous payload capability. The excellent stability of vehicle and up-front position of the payload, allow the use of compact multi-function manipulators. Additional equipment can be added, removed, re-positioned, and the vehicle can be re-balanced very quickly due to the CHEROKEE's unique Ballast Rail system mounted at each side of the vehicle, inside the frame.

The standard CHEROKEE is rated to 1000 metres (3281 feet) in sea water, however various buoyancy, payload and control enclosure options are available to increase or decrease this rating.



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