Aerial Reconnaissance

The use of remote sensing such as aerial reconnaissance can pose significant benefits to an oil spill incident. UAV's capable of long endurance flights, such as those being used in exercise 'Cathach' (up to 50km) can allow for fast real-time video assesment of an incident.

In addition to rudimentary video cameras, these vehicles can also be equipment with additional sensors such as chemical gas analysers, thermal imaging sensors and night vision cameras.

UAV's will be used extensively throughout the course of exercise 'cathach' and will allowing for fast assesment in operations such as 

      • Real-time video of grounding site
      • Ground-truthing of oil spill simulation package
      • Video capture of boom deployment and clean up operations
      • Aerial search of incident area for floating debris 
      • Unknown injects in exercise


See UAV section for more information