Underwater Inspection

Visual inspection is significantly important in incident repsonse, both above and below the waterline. Aerial reconnisance is particularly useful for wide area survey above water, however inspection underwater has histoically been difficult to carry out. This becomes even more prevalent when environmental issues, both physical and chemical, make diving (human) activities unsafe.

The use of underwater remote vehicles allows for remote assesment and inspection  in incident respsonse where conventional inspection becomes impossible. Vehicles can be in the form of ROV's and AUV's and can operate in extreme environmental situations and significant depths of water. 

In addition, these vehicles can be equipped with sonar equipment (side-scan, multibeam, forward-looking).

Both side-scan (AUV Seacon and ROV Latis) and forward looking Sonar (Latis) and have the capability of completing large search areas in minimal time, allowing for search and recovery operations.

Excercise 'Cathach' will make use of available ROV's and AUV throughout (see section ROV and AUV) the course of the exercise and will deploy them for operations such as:  

      • Real-time video of grounding site
      • Full survey (real-time) of ships hull
      • Underwater search of incident area for debris/cargo
        • Visual
        • Side-scan sonar
        • Multibeam sonar
        • Forward-looking sonar
      • Unknown injects in exercise