As an ESRI silver partner, Baseline Surveys Ltd currently offers a drone aerial photogrammetry GIS data capture service and claims to produce the world’s most accurate aerial photogrammetry with a maximum RMSE of only 5cm over a 5-acre study area. 

Baseline Surveys Ltd has been a leading company in digital mapping since 1990. with specific expertise in Property registration Authority and geographic information systems.

Baseline Surveys Ltd currently own and operate a number of UAV's including a Sea-Astral BRAMOR, capable of long range precision controlled flight.

The BRAMOR UAS is based on a blended wing body modular airframe, with the emphasis on the smallest possible T/O weight, advanced aerodynamics, electric propulsion, endurance, ergonomic and user friendly ground control station, durability and mobility.

The BRAMOR system is catarpult launched, parachute recovery/landing and is capable of up to 40km range.

The system consists of the air vehicle with the chosen sensor middle section package, a foldable take off ramp, the communications package tripod with aerials and the optional solar power foldable charging system connected to the ground control station. The whole system fits into a backpack or rugged case with the ground control station terminal embedded in an industry standard rugged package and is flight ready in under five minutes.