Low cost trackers provide live GPS of vessels

A number of low cost GPS tracking devices have been issued to the various ships which are now on scene. These trackers make use of existing mobile phone GSM networks, operating at 900MHZ, and can transmit an updated GPS position to a web based database every 5 seconds. These trackers can be left in position and will relay live data for up to five days.



Trackers have been issued to the LÉ Orla, the Granuaile and the Naval Service Reserve Rhibs and additional trackers are available for other ships that arrive on scene and will be assigned on that basis. It is also possible to place two trackers onboard the stricken vessel (bow and stern) with will not only relay position but also heading.

These data feeds are fed into a live map, available through web address, which is being displayed in realtime at the command centre and will help with visualisation and coordianation.