The FULMAR UAV is capable of acquiring and transmiting real time video or infrared images. The system is fully functional and comes with a launcher, a ground control station, and a recovering net. The system´s versatility is such that it can complement or even successfully substitute other more expensive systems, like helicopters and airplanes used so far in common applications.

The FULMAR vehicle features very good stability and a high lift-drag ratio, as well as a long endurance due to its low consumption.

It's excellent aerodynamic efficiency accounts for its wide range of speeds and climb rates. The composite materials used in its construction are exceptionally resistant and provide optimum protection to the payload. Its structural design supports +/-6g accelerations in all the axes of movement. The aircraft has been also designed to land on water on a pneumatic skid.

The FULMAR system is easy to operate, since its take-off, flight, and landing are automatic and completely programmable by means of GPS-3D waypoints, in the ground control station. This station also serves to direct the movements and zoom of the onboard camera, which is moreover gyro-stabilized and geo-referenced.

FULMAR operates on gasoline, weighs 20Kg and is capable of a range of up to 50km.