MAR-ICE has been initiated

Irish Coast guard have confirmed that a number of potentially dangerous chemicals (Formaldehyde & Acrolein), orignally held as deck cargo on the Marée Noire and located at a depth of 15MSW close to five fathoms rock, have began to leak into the surrounding environment.

One of the priority requirements at this stage is an assessment of the risks posed by these chemicals to the public, emergency responder and the environment. As such the IRCG have have initiated proceedings with the MAR-ICE network and are awaiting expert information and advice on the chemicals involved


** In close cooperation with the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) and the Centre of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution (Cedre), EMSA created the MAR-ICE Network in 2008. The idea behind the Network is to provide information and expert advice on chemicals involved in maritime emergencies. The service is available to national administrations 24/7 via a dedicated contact point.